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Il Ciauscolo I.G.P. (PGI)

Il Ciauscolo I.G.P. (PGI)

Ciauscolo is the king of the table for people in Marche. It is known for a peculiar feature that makes it different from other cold cuts: it can be spread thanks to its texture, its significant fat, its fine grinding and its special manufacturing techniques. Its slices look pink, uniform and homogenous. Its aroma is clear and fragrant. Its unique and unmistakable flavour is delicate and savoury at the same time.


Marche region has peasant roots and its culture is rich in history, tradition and folklore, folk singings and typical products. Marche's territory is wild and provides raw materials, used in the recipes of Marche dishes.

Preparation, preservation and aging techniques of Ciauscolo come from locals’ tradition. Pig butchery - called "pista" in the local dialect - has always been a fest during winter, an occasion for socialising among farm families and for trade between farmers and landowners.

Etymologically, the word "ciauscolo" derives from "cibusculum", that is "small food" or "small dish", and indicated the farmers’ snack during breaks from working in the fields.



In 2009, the Ciauscolo obtained the prestigious I.G.P. certification (PGI - Protected Geographical Indication). The circumscription of the production area - that includes parts of Ancona, Macerata and Ascoli Piceno provinces - guarantees that the "spreadable salami" is made in a specific environment, with the same production elements, the same climate, the steady availability of the raw materials and the artisans' manual skills passed down by the local tradition.

This is why people from Marche are so proud of Ciauscolo: its unmistakable aroma and flavour remind of the whole local culture and tradition. And Ciauscolo also recalls Marche themselves: the Sibillini mountains, thanks to their severe winters, foster the production and above all the aging of this Marche salami.

These are the reasons why Ciauscolo deserves to be labelled "100% Marche".

Posted on 2016-11-24 by Daje Marche Stories, Our Marche 3988


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