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Paul Meccanico

Paul Meccanico

The company Paul Meccanico is located in Sarnano, a small village at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains. The purpose of the brand is simple - to craft authentic practical, recognizable and high-quality handbags and accessories, all Made in Italy. Paul Albert Dari, the designer of the fashion house, puts irony, freshness and innovation in the brand. Creations are completely original. To wear art becomes a single and functional gesture. For his collections, Paul chooses a very metropolitan material: the truck tarp. It is a very strong rain-proof tear-proof product, with high cutting resistance. It is also lightweight, recyclable and easily washable.

Beauty is not everything! Paul Meccanico is originality, versatility, comfort and above all ... Made In Italy quality!

Posted on 2016-11-27 by Daje Marche Stories, Who you are helping 2412


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