"Daje Marche" is a project founded by a group of volunteers to support companies and businesses, located in the Marche region, which have been severely hit by the October 2016 quake.

The organization is made up by graphic designers, web programmers, web marketing and communication experts, photographs, wed developers and technicians, all driven by their deep love for the Region and by the strong resolution that has always been a distinctive feature of these people.


A dream come true, the project was born by the determination of a group of young people – headed by Paolo Isabettini – who live in the province of Macerata and who want to quickly relaunch small and medium enterprises of the Marche region that have been seriously damaged by the earthquake.

Daje Marche is an e-commerce portal that sells local products, promotes local businesses and aims at supporting the recovery of the economy in the Region. It is a way to provide local retailers and producers with a chance to reach a higher number of potential consumers who live outside the Region, in order to overcome the effects of the fall in demand brought about by the quakes.


PHASE 1. Collecting of applications of volunteers and local companies.

PHASE 2. Creation of the e-commerce portal.

PHASE 3. Selection of the products to sell online.

PHASE 4. Promotional campaign for the success of the sales activities and of the e-commerce portal.

PHASE 5. Marketing analysis and evaluation.


Daje Marche was created during an emergency situation. The earthquake that hit the Marche Region changed everything and the process to get back to "normal" will be long and difficult. Government and local institutions are doing their best, but there is a need to speed up the recovery. It will take years for some places and activities to start working again and it will be even harder for local businesses which are the backbone of regional identity and which have been deeply damaged by the earthquake. We can choose to keep living here or to go away. But in order to stay, we need a project and an idea of FUTURE. 

Main targets:

1. Swift economic recovery of the Region.

2. Putting together the best local ideas and know-how to promote further initiatives supporting the cities and villages hit by the October 2016 earthquake.


Daje Marche also aims at promoting future activities to help revive the territories stricken by the quake, including cultural projects and events.


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